1. Nagappan Murugappan's Avatar
    Hello All

    I have using my Max for almost 2 years now, my latest iOS version is "macOS High Serra" version : 10.13.3.
    Since two days, suddenly the performance went really bad.
    My mac configurations are
    Macbook pro (Retina, 13-inch Early 2015)
    processor : 2,7 Ghz Intel core i5
    Memory : 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3

    When i checked with the Activity Monitor :
    Physical Memory says 8 GB
    Memory Used : 4.87 GB
    Cached files : 3,82 GB
    Swap Used : 0

    Could someone please help me to resolve what could be wrong with the performance ?
    04-03-2018 11:23 AM
  2. dcoke22's Avatar
    Perhaps you could be more specific about how your machine's performance has changed? Is network performance worse? Is disk I/O especially slow? Is the UI laggy? Without knowing more, it is hard to know what to suggest. I will, however, make a couple of blind suggestions.

    Check if your disk is running out of free space.
    Ways to free up storage space: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT206996
    Personally, I don't use the Store in iCloud option, but the Reduce Clutter option can be a handy way to see what's using space on the disk.

    Check your internet connection speed: Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

    Check if something is using a lot of CPU: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201464
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    04-03-2018 04:45 PM
  3. Nagappan Murugappan's Avatar

    Thanks for your suggestion, the actual problem is, suddenly the machine performance has gone very bad, meaning, switching between apps, opening new app, even when type something in notepad the response is too bad. I have more than 50 GB free space on the disk. Reduce Clutter option i have already done it. What i notice is that there is consistently kernal_task is running up and using most of the CPU, atleast 75% is occupied by SYSTEM.
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    04-04-2018 05:23 AM
  4. dcoke22's Avatar
    Interesting. Well, this is what Apple says about kernel_task. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207359

    This leads me to guess your computer might be trying to keep from overheating in some way. Perhaps a vent is clogged? Or maybe a fan is broken? If an inspection of the laptop's vents doesn't reveal a blockage, try running the built-in Apple Diagnostics. https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25696
    04-04-2018 09:30 AM
  5. Nagappan Murugappan's Avatar
    I ran the Apple Diagnostics, and i got two messages:

    1. There may be an issue with the power management system.
    Reference code : PPP001

    2. There may be an issue with the system management controller (SMC).
    Reference code :PFM006
    04-05-2018 01:23 PM
  6. dcoke22's Avatar
    Both of those codes suggest you contact Apple support or make an appointment at your local Genius Bar.

    Apple Diagnostics Reference Codes:
    04-06-2018 04:57 PM
  7. Nagappan Murugappan's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for your help. Will contact now the nearest Apple store.
    04-09-2018 04:48 AM

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