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    I love my MacBook Pro and have always wanted to get a good sleeve so I can carry it around more comfortably when I am on the go. That’s exactly what the Mujjo Sleeve offers - a sleek, minimalistic and luxurious sleeve designed to provide the ultimate comfort for your MacBook Pro.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1118.jpg

    The moment you pick up the sleeve, you start to appreciate its craftsmanship and the quality materials its made of. The sleeve itself is a combination of felt and vegetable-tanned leather.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1119.jpg

    - Unique and attractive design
    - Great comfort for you and your device
    - Ample space for your device and other key accessories

    - The leather flap is prone to scratches
    - Hardly protects your device from drops
    - Not water resistant

    Your MacBook Pro is sure to feel great and comfy with the thick felt, both inside and outside, while the leather flap design gives a unique look to the sleeve. The leather flap also offers a hard press-stud snap button to keep your device secure.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1120.jpg

    I quite like the double stitching of the leather flap to the felt which again shows nothing but the quality craftsmanship of this sleeve.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1122.jpg

    Inside the sleeve, you have two compartments. The inner compartment is where you will store your MacBook Pro while the outer compartment is used to store other things like accessories or even your iPad depending on what you need.

    You also have additional pockets for storing any credit cards, business cards, SD cards etc.,

    I was able to store my 15" MacBook Pro along with the USB-C cable, power outlet and the USB-C Hub with ease in the sleeve. Not to mention the MacBook Pro fits in nice and tight in the inner compartment.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1129.jpg

    Of course, I would have liked to see a special compartment for my iPhone as well but you won't find any in this sleeve unless you use the outer compartment which I don't think is safe for the iPhone.

    You can either carry this sleeve with you or just put it in your backpack. Either way, you will find it easy to do so. Just remember that this is a sleeve and you don't have a carry-on so you will have to hold it in your hand if you choose to carry it around. I usually prefer to use the sleeve only in the office while putting the sleeve in my backpack when I am on the move.

    One downside to that leather flap though is that I found them prone to scratches easily. That could very well be as it is leather but something to keep in mind as you use the sleeve every day.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1130.jpg

    Overall, I am in love with this sleeve. It is unique, well crafted and most importantly it fits my MacBook Pro very well. While it is not water resistant or a hard shell to protect from accidental drops, the sleeve is still a great choice if you are looking for minimalistic protection for your MacBook Pro.

    Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro Review-img_1126.jpg

    The Mujjo sleeve is available for all MacBook and MacBook Pro variants and you can purchase them directly from the Mujjo website for $67.59. It is not cheap, but I wouldn't expect anything less from such high-quality craftsmanship!

    Let us know what you think about the Mujjo Sleeve for MacBook Pro!
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    it definitely looks good
    but i like south twelve
    all leather, all good
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    01-22-2018 06:12 PM
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    The case looks good. That was an excellent review, by the way. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
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    01-22-2018 06:44 PM
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    it definitely looks good
    but i like south twelve
    all leather, all good
    I have heard good things about the Twelve South products as well. I am assuming you are talking specifically about their BookBook case? I see that those don’t have compartment which is a benefit with this Mujjo sleeve as you can pack the power adapter and cable. But agree, all leather is a different beast altogether!
    01-23-2018 02:22 AM

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