1. shartzie's Avatar
    Hi there

    So I’m biting the bullet and getting the rMBP 2017. Could I please ask for some advice?


    So I’ve always been a silver person simply because there weren’t any options before. And if it’s up to me I’d love a gold rMBP! I know the polls show that the space grey is uber popular. But is the feedback about dust, smudges and scratches true that they just pop more with the grey? Would you guys really suggest the grey just because it’s a fresher color choice or do you think it may look dull and boring in time, whereas the silver is just well, time honored and dependable....

    Also, I’m planning to get a gold case to protect it. Would it look better with the grey or silver?


    Well I’m already upgrading the hard drive to 2TB and 16gb ram is standard. So the question is does the processor upgrade from 2.9 ghz to 3.1 ghz really yield a big difference that justifies the extra $200? I do want to future proof it but don’t wanna spend more if the improvement is so incremental.

    I do lots of video editing and photoshop on my machines if that matters. And I currently have a maxed spec 2015 rMBP, 2.5 ghz / 1 tb / 16 gb.

    Any help is appreciated!

    10-26-2017 12:00 PM
  2. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to iMore.

    As for color. This question gets asked a lot. I always offer the same advice. As all people have different taste you are going to get varying answers. Plus no one has your exact taste. I suggest going to the Apple Store and comparing them side by side. In the end you are the person who has to live with and use it. And you don't want to base your decisions on other peoples like and dislikes then down the road regret your final decision.

    Next CPU. If you are doing video editing and any serious Photoshop then upping the CPU will make a slight difference. I'm an advanced Photoshop user and do video editing and maxed out my iMac for that purpose. The only thing I didn't max out was my hard drive and went with a fusion drive instead of a SSD. When doing editing anything you upgrade will help with render times. Hope this helps you. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. I'd be happy to help. Thanks!
    10-26-2017 01:56 PM
  3. TripleOne's Avatar
    As firedept10 mentioned, I would recommend seeing both colors and choose which one feels right for you.

    As for specs, if you can afford the maxed out specs, then go for it
    10-26-2017 06:05 PM
  4. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    I picked up a 2016 MBP with 2.7 GHz i7, 16 gigs ram and fusion drive. Also running Photoshop on it and it runs great. It's already been said but if you can afford the higher specs, go for it.
    11-10-2017 10:56 AM

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