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    The company I work for just purchased some new 2017 MacBook Pro's with the Touch Bar to replace our older 2013-2015 models. We have a few people that have the Apple Thunderbolt Display and it seems to work okay with the USB-C adapter. The other users currently have dual Dell monitors and are using a Lenovo Thinkpad DisplayLink dock that connects via USB. I used the USB-C to USB adapter and the lag is unbearable when extending these displays.

    I've read a few notes on other docks and they all say the new MacBooks will have degraded performance.

    Does anyone have a dual-monitor setup with these new MacBooks that works good? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    At this point, we would even consider a decent widescreen monitor to replace the dual monitors, but we don't need 4k+ video and definitely want something under $500 if possible. Any suggestions?
    07-12-2017 02:38 PM
  2. anony_mouse's Avatar
    Anyone still think it was a good idea for Apple to go with USB-C only on the MacBook Pro? Or was this decision more in the "Windows 8" league?
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    07-13-2017 03:20 AM

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