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    In 2014 I bought a 13 inch MacBook Pro with Apple Care, and never had to use it until May 5th. What happened was my computer started overheating, and having a lot of lag. My screen was flickering quite a lot. It even crashed and wiped my hard drive. I took it into Apple for my appointment and they determined it was a firmware corruption and so they repaired it and reinstalled my operating system.
    Fast forward a week and it started happening again, I took it back to apple but to a different location, based on appointment availability and they spent a day trying to fix it. They saw the screen flickering and could see the overheating but couldn't figure out what the cause was. They reinstalled the operating system again and wanted me to keep trying to recreate the issues and then document what I was doing each time and what the issue was. Well I go home and am trying again to setup my computer, both times I reset my computer I put a lot less apps on it. I had it home for a few hours and there was a loud noice coming from it as it was overheating and it died on me. I could not turn it on for about 2 hours and when I did it was running really slow. I took it into a store the next morning and they booked a walk in appointment to go over what happened. I first talked to a manager because I use my computer for work and I had literally spent my last 2 days off at apple stores instead of with my wife and daughter. That was the third day and we hadn't gotten anywhere in terms of what is wrong with the computer. After about an hour with the genius and a leader from the genius team and the original manager it was determined that both the logic board and hard drive were needing to be replaced. At the time neither part was available and would need to be ordered. I raised the concern about my work and needing a working computer. The resolution they came up with blew me away, because they didn't have replacement parts in stock and the logic board was actually back ordered, they decided to replace the MacBook. My 2014 model was a retina display 2.8ghz single core processor with 128gb hard drive and 16gb Ram. They had to replace it with something comparable (same or better) to my original model. Well the replacement was a 2016 with touchbar and a much faster system. I now have a dual core 3.3ghz model and the new SSD in a 512gb size.
    My computer was originally $1949 plus tax (Canadian) and the new one is worth $3149 plus taxCanadian. I am truly impressed with my experience, and at first I was a little skeptical about the new touchbar model but I have had it now for just 3 days and I am truly in love with this machine. It is amazing, fast, light and best of all its in space grey! They way the exchange was processed and because of these new machines having a totally new feature they made sure I would be eligible to purchase apple care on here and have the extended apple care on this computer too.
    I know not everyone has good experiences with the Genius Bar but for me it was making sure I talked to a manager and explain what I need my computer for and why I need it fixed or at least functioning asap.
    I just wanted to come here and tell my experience as it was a positive one and usually you don't get to hear all the good experiences
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    05-19-2017 02:13 AM
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    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    05-19-2017 04:19 AM

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