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    I've had a late 2013 build of a 15" MBP for about three years now. It's 2.3ghz, 16GB, 512GB, and has the additional GPU. I use Final Cut Pro on the MBP to import, edit, and pricess 4K videos on Youtube. I noticed that the MBP was taking a while to upload videos and there was serious lag. I decided to get a fully loaded 2016 MBP - 2.9ghz, 16GB, 1TB, and the Radeon 460.

    To make sure I didn't just jump the gun on upgrading for the sake of upgrading, I set up both MBP's side by side to "write" the same video - both plugged in, both using the same wifi connection, and with no other programs running.

    The late 2013 build was processing the video much faster than the newer MBP. How is that even possible with a slower CPU and a slower GPU?
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    02-15-2017 11:25 PM
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    I have the same 2013 rMBP that you have. More than likely it's overkill for me since I don't do that much on it yet. I've heard at least with the battery life on the new ones that there are problems with them. I haven't bought the new one probably because I'm not ready to upgrade. My late 2013 is still working fine.

    Maybe when the new ones are released in fall 2017 with the new processors the problem might be fixed. The new 2016 macs I hear have been a problem since they were released. If you go on YouTube for ijustine and I think Detroit borg, they both bought maxed out 15" ones costing about $5000 and they both say their are problems with them.

    Good luck on your new and old macs.
    02-16-2017 08:46 PM

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