1. mrdream's Avatar
    I ordered my MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar on Oct 27, 2016 and delivered to me Dec 01, 2016.

    Jan 23, 2017 - No Power what so ever - all of sudden.

    Jan 24, 2017 Genius Bar Appointment. - took my laptop and told me 48 hrs to diagnose it.

    Jan 26, 2017 - no call back and I phoned Apple Store and they told me it is dead and they have to order new one 6-10 days to get it and they will try to save the data.

    Jan 30, 2017 - today I wanted to get the update and Phoned the Apple Store and they told me 7-14 business days to get it. (not counting the days I have been waiting)

    Just saying for now no replacement parts are available and it is going to take almost a month to get the replacement.

    I am returning for money now because I think this new MacBook Pro line is unreliable.

    Need to decide new laptop... What to buy is my big question for now..

    I had 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD with mine (No CPU Upgrade)
    01-30-2017 07:39 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Unless you absolutely *need* a laptop NOW, I would wait. More than likely, Apple will provide you with a new one.
    01-30-2017 07:42 PM
  3. mrdream's Avatar
    yes Apple will replace my laptop if I wait another 15 days.

    But loosing reliability is an issue - because they do not know what is wrong with it. if I get new one and few month down the road same thing happen - then I have to go through same process again.

    I am looking at republished MacBook Pro 2015 version with 16G and 1TB or wait til 2nd gen Touch Bar version..

    Luckily I did not sell my old 2012 MacBook Pro 13 - can use it for another few months..
    01-30-2017 08:14 PM
  4. Ziich47's Avatar
    Since everything is soldered onto the logic board practically the whole thing needs to be replaced. If they cannot power it on I dunno how they will save your data.
    It is IMO the biggest disadvantage of the new MBP. So many possible points of failure that essentially require you get a whole new laptop
    02-03-2017 04:25 AM

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