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    I started using "i" products when I bought my first iPhone 4. Sense the 4 I've upgraded phones every year to my current iPhone 7. Never have I been displeased. So I've always loved the look of MacBook Pro. My whole life I've always used windows everything. But I thought it was time to finally jump in and buy a MacBook Pro. What made me finally interested enough to buy one was watching the key note of the release of the newest ones with the touch bar and fingerprint ID. So I'm not a very tech savvy guy when it comes to knowing about computers. So I'm not too sure what all the numbers and specs mean.

    So sense the release of the new ones every single day I debated on which Mac book Pro to get. I kept saying I love old and new models. But it seemed for me that it was smarter to buy the one that had all current plug ins such as USB and the charging cord everyone raves about and just the fact of not having to buy all the adaptors. I'm just wondering if I made a good purchase. So I bought the 2015 13 in with Retina display. 8gb memory 128 gb HD. I got it brand new on sale for 999.99.

    I have had it for about a week now. But still have not broke the seal on it and opened it. Because I'm still unsure if it's what I really want. So here is my uses for it. But also what I'm interested in doing with it in the future.

    I normally just use a laptop to scroll social media and poke around on games a bit. But I would eventually like to get Logic Pro and final cut. I'm very interested in getting into music editing and video editing. So I'm curious if I got a good deal and if this machine will do what I wanna do on it. Without the problem of speed, lag, not enough storage. And if so not enough storage can u plug in an external hard drive?

    Any help advice comments all appreciated. Thanks for reading. Sorry so long.
    01-19-2017 09:11 PM
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    Also the price of the new model was kinda insane to me vs the old one and I felt u lose a lot of key things u need for double the cost.

    Including the famous glowing apple. It's like the signature of the MacBook! Was very upset to see that go away on the new model.
    01-19-2017 09:14 PM

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