1. etozhebogdan's Avatar
    How do you think is there any really important reasons and new features of MacBook Pro to change my 15' Pro mid 14 to the fresh one?
    10-28-2016 03:16 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    If your current MacBook is satisfying your computing needs then stick with it. It's easy to get caught up in having the newest product, but after a short period of time, people often find that they should have kept what they had being that their computing habits didn't change.
    10-28-2016 03:29 PM
  3. TripleOne's Avatar
    If you want the latest rMBP and have extra cash why not?
    10-28-2016 05:02 PM
  4. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Stay with what you have if it is doing everything you need. You have a great machine and it will be for a few more years.
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    10-28-2016 05:42 PM
  5. anon(9776449)'s Avatar
    You wanna upgrade? I would say don't do this. You will end up having the same experience you have on your 2015 MacBook Pro. Really, save money. But if you are really in need go and buy it.
    10-29-2016 05:28 AM
  6. nikkisharif's Avatar
    I upgrade lots of things just because I want something new but not my MacBooks. They last for a long time and I don't feel there's a need to necessarily upgrade all the time. Now do I usually always want one? Absolutely, but I end up calming myself down and thinking on the logical side of things. Even with having the money I still don't think it's wise to upgrade something like that without really needing to. The $3-4K that you spend on a new MBP that you don't need could be invested or used for something else more important. IMO
    10-29-2016 07:32 AM
  7. samosIM's Avatar
    For budget reasons and practicality, for my consulting work (risk assessment, quantitative analysis) I upgrade no sooner than every 2 years. I find that, because I use my Retina MacBook Pro as a workhorse analytically (but hardly at all for email, document creation, messaging--iPad Pro & iPhone 7 Plus for this), an every 2 year cycle, or, even stretching to a 3rd year, assures that no hardware problems will plague me. The older system is handed down to my better half.
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    10-29-2016 09:35 AM
  8. dionhan's Avatar
    If you have a job, education or hobby where you need more performance than the 2014 mid macbook pro I would buy it, otherwise not.
    10-29-2016 11:50 AM

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