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    Kindly allow me to provide some background into my main story.

    In my country we have no apple store, so I can't take my laptop there. Early 2011 MBP, which initially started off earlier this year with kernel panics and random shutdowns; then came the issue of the startup loading bar reaching 3/4 way and shutting off.
    Gave the laptop to someone to look at, and they said it was the hard drive, as the current one had bad sectors.
    So I bought a new hard drive and El Capitan was loaded and it was returned to me.

    I've had minimal startup issues or random reboots, when I did not login with my iCloud/itunes it gave no trouble; when I did use my id it would reboot (very,very odd).

    So the update came out last week for El Capitan, which I updated and now the login screen comes up and I login fine but the screen flickers from then on and I am unable to do anything from there.

    Should I just chuck this laptop?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my issue(s) and appreciate any advice.
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    07-25-2016 08:47 PM
  2. tr1ad's Avatar
    07-27-2016 09:52 AM
  3. BD_BB_8520's Avatar
    Sorry unable to offer any advice since I'm new to MBP. Good Luck. Peace
    07-28-2016 01:26 AM
  4. tr1ad's Avatar
    08-14-2016 06:17 PM
  5. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I've never seen that and I had that model. It doesn't sound like a hard drive issue. Maybe logic board? Really weird.
    08-14-2016 06:24 PM
  6. tr1ad's Avatar
    Thinking logic boardvissue as well
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    08-16-2016 11:43 AM
  7. BobR1908's Avatar
    I believe there is a repair extension program setup for this model and this specific issue.

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    09-04-2016 02:47 AM

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