1. Ianluk's Avatar
    I need to replace a failing windows PC which runs a large Microsoft Money file (40MB) under Windows 7 32bit.

    I am thinking about running this application in a Parallels desktop with a MS Windows 7 32bit virtual environment on a MacBook Pro. This environment would also need to run Norton Internet Security - or something similar but I have a spare NIS licence!

    Does anyone have any idea of the minimum configuration I should specify? The MBP will be mainly used for Internet searches and mail with a small amount of Wp using Pages.

    Many thanks for any advice.
    11-08-2014 01:33 PM
  2. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    Minimum of 8GB RAM to ensure a good amount can be allocated to Parallels and the Windows VM.
    Probably at least 256GB storage.
    Other specs don't really matter. They will all handle it ok.
    Running Norton in the VM shouldn't be an issue.
    You could also just use Bootcamp so you can dual-boot the Mac without having to worry about Parallels.
    11-08-2014 01:58 PM
  3. Ianluk's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the speedy response and great advice!
    11-08-2014 07:27 PM

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