1. Jade Henry's Avatar
    So I really need to buy a MacBook Pro for university and I'm not sure whether to buy the 13" or the 15". Is there much difference? This will only be used for studies and to put my photos from my iPhone 5s on there. Research on Safari and occasionally download music. Hellppppp.
    08-07-2014 02:43 AM
  2. agarwal.apar's Avatar
    Hi Jade,

    I reckon a 13'' MBP should be good for you as you will be using only for studying and bit of photo work. Usually, 15'' are being picked by graphic designers who need a big canvas.. Personally, 15'' is quite big and 13'' is portable.

    And finally, welcome to iMore!
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    08-07-2014 02:53 AM
  3. Jade Henry's Avatar
    Thank you! Not sure how this all works but created an account to ask this. Which 13" MBP would you recommend buying? RAM wise, storage wise etc. I'm fairly new to the whole apple products
    08-07-2014 03:38 AM
  4. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    The 13" MacBook Air would be ideal. 8GB RAM. 256GB storage.
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    08-07-2014 06:26 AM
  5. UJ95x's Avatar
    If you're just going to be storing and not editing the photos, I'd get a Macbook Air with 8GB of RAM/256GB of storage an get an external drive if you need more than that.

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    08-07-2014 05:07 PM
  6. ajl's Avatar
    A 13 Inch will do you just fine.
    08-07-2014 05:11 PM

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