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    I am looking out for a Keyboard cover, now there are hundreds of Keyboard Protector Cover Manufacturers in the Market Capdase, KB Covers, Logickeyboard, Moshi etc... I do realise with Keyboard Protector your natural ability, speed and accuracy is hampered when compared to typing directly on the Keyboard nevertheless I would still like to use it. So I am looking out for a cover which is ultra thin which does not give too much of a bad typing experience which fits nicely on the rMBP Keyboard and has a near to natural typing feel and experience any suggestions?

    I was gonna buy the MOSHI because of their good name in making Apple accessories till someone here has put a review saying that it does not fit very correctly on the rMBP keyboard it slides from the side and is kind of loose. Any suggestions guys on a Good Keyboard cover which has to be ultra thin 0.1 MM in thickness or maybe less than that !
    02-22-2014 01:12 PM
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    02-23-2014 02:27 PM
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    I have two KB covers, US flag and Lightroom, and I love them. They are very thin.

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    02-23-2014 11:20 PM
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    Look The problem is there are tens of hundreds of Keyboard Making Companies and brands...There are plenty to choose from..Somebody mentioned Moshi just above, it is not that I am not aware of Moshi and quite a few other Brands. But I was looking out for a Keyboard which is super slim, ultra thin. Because the fact is using keyboard covers on the Macbook Pro Native Keyboard Hampers Typing...There is no denying n that..Speed, Accuracy goes for a toss. Also leads to quite a few of spelling mistakes, if you try to type too fast. So again and again hitting that backspace or delete button. So it is a Big pain in the *** to use those keyboard but that is a price one pays to keep your rMBP Keyboard in a pristine condition. So having said this, what I mean is I am looking out for a Keyboard which gives a very natural feeling in terms of typing...and for that to happen it has to be super slim I would say even less then 0.1MM in Thickness size Moshi and quite others have come with their keyboard protectors which are 0.1MM in thickness size but I wonder if there is anything which is even less then that ?

    I have two KB covers, US flag and Lightroom, and I love them. They are very thin
    By The way out of these three which one do you find perfect ? I was reading one review on KB Covers they say it is pretty good But I wonder if it is more better than Moshi ?
    02-24-2014 12:42 AM

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