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    Configuration Overview: MBP early 2011, 10.8.5 Mountain Lion, 16GB RAM, 750GB HDD, SuperDrive.

    So, I've tried the recommended SMC reset multiple times and this seems to reduce the frequency and duration. But over time the noise returns. I fully understand that if CPU and GPU start working beyond idle, that heat is generated. Same can be said if local or network based IO kicks up, then HDD and to lesser degree the onboard NIC can kick off heat.

    So, I have Click to Flash Safari Extension installed, and this has helped some. Recently put aside the Rain Design stand (passive cooling) in favor of a mesh based fan driven stand (active cooling). Again this has helped some.

    Even with the above, fan noise kicks up and continues to be loud and annoying. I get reminded often by my wife how loud it is.

    So, if anyone who has experienced this problem or knows of other workarounds, then please share.

    Looking ahead to Mavericks, I presume it will come with a new EFI, SMC, and perhaps optimized or improved fan management algorithms. So, if any experience or ideas there, please do share.
    10-01-2013 09:08 PM
  2. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Where did you get your Ram? I have had problems in the past with finicky Ram modules that actually made my fans come on often, mine was a early 2011 as well. I pulled the chips and replaced and viola it returned back to normal, quiet unless I tasked it (by the way chrome seems to make the fans come on as well, especially if you watch videos).
    10-02-2013 02:52 AM
  3. Trees's Avatar
    RAM is from Crucial. MAC Certified type.

    I took in the MBP earlier this year due to random reboots. Genius ran full diags as did phone support. The RAM checked out fine during those tests.

    I had the noise problems prior to updating from 8GB to 16. My theory was that by keeping more working set in memory, that I'd see less disk IO, and in turn less heat. I quit using Chrome last year due to memory leaks, and have been using Safari except for a few forms that require Firefox.

    I typically have 8-12 Safari tabs open, and occasionally use banking, Mail, and iTunes. Light to moderate use overall.

    I'll try your suggestion to reseat the RAM modules over the weekend, and inspect the fan area for any dust buildup.
    10-02-2013 11:20 PM

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