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    anybody have any idea's whats going on with my macbook pro, no pictures or icons are showing up on any screen!
    dam i cannot upload a pic, my home screen is simpatico.ca and i check the weather every morning or what ever it would always show the latest news around and little pictures about the stories but now all it shows is the writings about the news no pics at all! i hope im making sense! i tried upload a pic to photo-bucket but i cant even see pic's on there? thanks for any help

    Ok now I'm logged on my iPhone and now I'm seeing the pictures I posted on my post but when I'm on my Mac I don't see them? I took a snap shot of imore's home screen and as u can see in the pics there's no pictures just writing, don't know what's up with my MacBook?
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    There are a few things you can try...

    - Reset Safari (this will reset EVERYTHING, including cache...sometimes it needs a refresh to get things straight)
    - Reset your PRAM and SMC settings on your Macbook (google it for instructions)
    - There is a possibility it has to do with your internet provider...I remember a friend of mine using a newer Windows based laptop with similar issues and it turned out to be a problem with her UVerse services from AT&T (not sure how it was remedied).

    ...let us know how you fair!
    07-12-2013 04:56 PM
  3. mohawk apple's Avatar
    Ok gonna try a reset. Am I going to loose all my bookmark pages?

    finally figured it out, on the top menu bar clicked on develop and disable images was checked dah lol. the wife must have been playing with my mac lol
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