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What sort of programs would best suit my Mother who just got her first MacBook Air?

Asked: Nov 10 2019 | 5:24 pm EST 1953 Views 1 Answers

So...my mother had to get a new computer, for home and for our farm business. She decided to get a MacBook Air instead of getting a new laptop with Windows 10. ("Windows 7 was getting decommissioned, so a Mac was better than Windows 10!" were her words to me.)

Other than getting Quickbooks for Mac, are there software you would recommend that a 70 year old first time Mac user get that isn't already on the Mac already? Also: best Mahjong game to get for her, since it's the only game she ever plays on her old computer? (I feel it's my fault for leading her to a Mac since I have a Mac Mini...but I didn't expect her to just get a new MacBook Air!)

Nov 10 2019 | 5:36 pm EST Just_Me_D

That would depend on her usage. Will she be doing the typical web surfing, sending & receiving email, checking social feeds and editing photos? If so, she can most of that via a web browser and Safari should be sufficient.

With that being said, find out what she does on the computer and then we can provide more detailed answers for you.