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May I annotate a copyright protected document using Preview for my own use?

Asked: Sep 28 2019 | 1:48 pm EDT 523 Views 1 Answers

I spent an entire day annotating a document only to have the annotations not saved by Preview. The document itself was copyright; however, Preview opened a copy for me that was purportedly editable.

I saved it as "copy", however, I did shorten the name for space and retrievability reasons. I think, however, the loss of all annotations came before I actually changed the name.

So my questions of course are 1) can I retrieve all my hard work...can't seem to find it anywhere, incuding trash and
2) does the fact that the original was copyright make it such that I cannot rename a document for my own retrieval?

Thanks for any advice. I love the annotations features of Preview, but not taking a chance again without some assurance this situation won't repeat.
SO, perhaps a 3)d question is, any free, less quirky alternatives to Preview? Using MacB Air High Sierra 10.13.6

Sep 29 2019 | 1:45 pm EDT Just_Me_D

If the changes have not been saved (check your documents folder) then I doubt you'll be able to retrieve the unsaved data. As for the original work being copyrighted, I don't think it matters.