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My MAC freezes every time I use Yahoo Mail.

Asked: Oct 29 2018 | 12:38 pm EDT 1667 Views 3 Answers

When I use Yahoo Mail I always get the "spinning rainbow circle". It eventually goes away and I can start to type an e-mail, but it always comes back every few seconds. My MAC also always shows at the top of the browser "this website is using significant energy. close the website to improve performance" or something similar to that wording - again, almost every time I'm using Yahoo mail.

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Oct 30 2018 | 12:46 pm EDT Bla1ze

It's basically telling you that Yahoo is resource intensive, which wouldn't really be surprising. The site is full of ads and web trackers. You may wish to look into how to block some of those things on Yahoo to help make it less resource intensive.
Oct 30 2018 | 2:14 pm EDT Just_Me_D

My Yahoo mail account is a throwaway account, but I wouldn’t dare access it directly without a VPN that blocks ads, and therefore, I don’t get the freezes that you are getting.
Nov 11 2018 | 10:43 pm EST volsfan0911

They're being way too polite. Yahoo is a spam infested, black market compromised, cash starved POS that no one has used for years. If you still keep your account open (and I do for spam catching) then use a client to check it. Better yet, I just use the iOS app. You can click through all the garbage, delete and then use a real browser to read the stuff you're actually interested in seeing.