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    I currently have a late model 2012 macbook pro that is in great condition, however I don't love it and have been considering getting a 13 inch macbook pro. I want something more portable, and faster and just different. My first mac was a macbook in 2007 and I loved that computer, this one I'm just not crazy about. So I wanted to know if anyone had any advice about what I should consider in this switch. I don't do much on my current mac except surf the web, shop online, the occasional document, tons of photos and that's pretty much it.
    09-06-2015 08:47 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Get and use whatever meets your needs the best.
    09-06-2015 08:56 PM
  3. Bazza1's Avatar
    Pamela -
    I get what you are saying, but "...I don't love it..." and "...and just different..." isn't going to be solved by moving from a 2012 Mac to a 2015 one, regardless of model. Yes, the Air would be more portable, but it would be less capable (fewer drives, fewer direct ports) than your Pro - but given your needs as stated, I don't know that's an issue. Meanwhile, your 'tons of photos' might be an issue of storage on an Air, depending on what that exactly means and their size and type of file type - but you might get a better idea on your storage needs that by checking out the size of your Pro's photo folder. Hardware and apps on the Air can generally handle basic photo / video editing.

    The issues of 'Love' and 'Different' are the bigger points to consider. If you've kept your 2012 Pro up-to-date with OS updates, you'll find nothing new or exciting on the OS front with a 2015 model. And let's face it - short of the Ive'ization of the icons and look of recent OSs (all to apparently be more visually / operationally similar to the less-capable iOS), there's SFA to make the OS different or exciting. Apple's been treading water for several years now with nothing 'insanely great' coming from their OS. While that means that consumers can hold onto their older computers and OSs with little need to upgrade short of a hardware failure, but it also means there's been a lack of innovation on Apple's part. And short of them doing a 'Surface' and offering an iPad with OSX, its hard to know what they could do to change that. Upgrading your 3 year old Pro isn't going to change the 'love' or 'different' factor for you.

    The Air is a nice little computer that should suit your needs. Beyond that...meh.
    09-07-2015 07:45 AM

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