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New to Mac, Photos for OS X, multiple libraries, external drive, how-to?

Asked: Apr 15 2015 | 10:30 am EDT 2181 Views 3 Answers View Best Answer

I just switched to a MacBook Air (refurb 2013) 11.6" from a Windows 7 PC. My MacBook has a 128GB HDD. On my PC I had my own pictures library and a shared pictures library (around 30GB, I think, may not need it all). I was planning to put my pictures on the HDD and the shared library on an external drive. I'm using the external for iTunes and would plug it into the Mac when I needed to access iTunes or access those shared pictures.

Is this possible with Photos for OS x? How do I do this? I've searched but not sure I've read a how-to on this and not sure if I have that I understand. I don't necessarily want or need these shared photos on my iPhone and not sure I want them in iCloud, but paying $0.99 a month (for 20gb) may not be a bad option for a backup of my HDD.

Thoughts? Ideas? How would you do this?

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Apr 15 2015 | 11:05 am EDT pkcable

Cloud storage would work for both backup and to facilitate the transfer, yes with the amount you are talking you would need to subscribe, either to Apple's option, or another (Google, Microsoft, etc, there are many options), OR you can get a USB thumb drive, a 32GB drive shouldn't be that expensive and is also a good backup option, and GREAT for transporting/transferring files.
Apr 15 2015 | 2:45 pm EDT James Trent

Thanks, but you didn't really answer my questions.

Is [it] possible with Photos for OS x [to have two separate libraries, and only one on iCloud]? How do I do this? [Or do I have one library with all my photos, have them sync to my iPhone and iCloud, and pay more to Apple for storage]