1. Weezebikes's Avatar
    After a few El Cap updates within the last few weeks, my Macbook Pro won't charge anymore. The green LED light won't turn orange to indicate charging, but also the laptop is working fine. The battery icon is black and stuck at 12% and showing the color black, which we all know means it's not charging.
    I've tried SMC reset dozens of times, as well as PRAM.
    Previously, with Yosemite, when similar occurrences happen, I open the laptop to get access to the battery and unplug the battery for 15 seconds and that would resolve the issue. Now, it seems with El Cap, those trick fixes are nullified.
    Anyone having the same issues?

    11-04-2015 04:54 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    If you've already reset the SMC then you might try using a different charger. If that doesn't work schedule a Genius appointment.
    I have a 2014 rMBP running El Capitan with no charging issues.
    11-04-2015 06:45 AM

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