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Mac mini Boot up time

Asked: Aug 09 2018 | 3:10 pm EDT 1838 Views 2 Answers

I have a late Mac min 6.1. When I got it in 2012 boot up time was a under 30 seconds. Now its like 3.5 minutes. Appreciate its heading for 7 years old now but if I threw an SSD in there instead of the 500gb hard disk, would it be worth it? Or should I wait a month and see what apple bring out in September?

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Aug 09 2018 | 5:38 pm EDT Just_Me_D

Unless you’ve upgraded the OS from the one that came preinstalled or have a corrupted/malfunctioning hard drive, it should still boot up quickly. As for your questions, try installing an SSD drive, if you can find one at a reasonable price.
Oct 31 2018 | 9:57 pm EDT tai4de2

I have a late 2014 Mini (the most recent one available before the announcements this week 10/30/2018).

To say this machine is slow would be a massive understatement. Disk benchmarks on the built-in drive were like 80Mbps. I went out and found what is probably the last Thunderbolt2 drive enclosure in my area, and put a current model SSD in it.

It's like a whole new machine. Disk benchmarks are close to 400Mbps -- a 4x improvement. It boots quickly and runs nicely. I'm not sure I need a new Mini now.