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    I have just published the app to the Mac App Store that introduces several new concepts to the file management bringing some real innovation into this fairly stale area of the software.

    Use cards, zoomed out view and workspaces to navigate a huge collection of files and folders as easy you would navigate a maps app. This is the first app to bring a true innovation and revolution in the file management process in more than a decade.

    Instead of watching just one folder in Finder or two folders in 'Commander' apps, add as many cards as you wish and see your device at a glance with a customized experience as cards can be rearranged and their icon size, width and sort type can be set. The Look Through Subfolders tool empowers you to see all of the files in subfolders in one card.

    Create your own workspaces as a group of cards/folders to easily switch between various segments of your data. Searching through the workspace with File Cards tools (where you may enable to see items contained in all subfolders, or filter all the cards by the file type) is the quickest and most intuitive way to find the files as you organize data in the app exactly the way you think about them. If you need to see multiple workspaces at once, just open each of them in its own window.

    The app contains the internal tool that extracts the most popular archive formats - zip, 7z, rar, gzip, tar. You can add new files to the zip archive simply by using copy and paste to zip.

    File Cards - innovation in file management-800x500bb.jpg

    As I am the developer of the app I would be glad to answer any question that you might have.

    If you would like to raise your productivity, get the app on the Mac App Store.
    01-16-2018 08:22 AM
  2. TripleOne's Avatar
    Awesome, I’ll check it out.
    Thank you for sharing it with us in the first place.
    labsii likes this.
    01-16-2018 08:23 AM
  3. labsii's Avatar
    Thanks for your nice words. This is the first version and I have plans to further improve the app, and feedback is more than welcome.
    01-16-2018 08:32 AM
  4. Clara Bow1's Avatar
    Thanks for the information, there are few apps which I tried and it worked it fine for me, you can try the below Mac app which is very helpfull to organize files and folders.

    Declutter - organize desktop
    03-27-2018 07:32 AM
  5. labsii's Avatar
    The app had dozens of updates mostly based on the user feedback with new features such as tab support, default style for the new card, automatic forgetting of secondary cards, alternate colors for rows in the small icons view, dark mode for macOS Mojave support, etc.

    Also you can see better how the app works in its app previews on the App Store:

    01-14-2019 03:14 AM

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