1. The_Prodigy1982's Avatar
    I'm about to make the switch from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook 2016... but I'm not sure how to transfer all my current e-mails (and address book) safely?
    I run a business, so I can't afford to lose any e-mails in the process.

    - Can someone help me out and advice me on how to transfer everything?
    (e-mails & address book)
    05-12-2016 07:19 AM
  2. Highrisedrifter's Avatar
    If you have your email set up as IMAP instead of POP3, then all your emails will just transfer over anyway and there's nothing for you to do in that regard.

    To transfer your contacts, go into Thunderbird and save your contacts as a Comma Separated Value file (.csv) by clicking Address Book in the top bar, then selecting 'Tools', then 'Export' and making sure .csv is selected under 'SAve as type'. Give the file a name and save it somewhere obvious.

    Go to Outlook, hit 'File' in the top bar. Select 'Open', then 'Import', then 'Import from another program or file', then hit the 'Next' button. Choose 'Comma Separated Values (Windows)', then hit the 'Next' button.

    In the next screen, choose if you want to allow duplicates or not and select the file to import by hitting the 'Browse' button and navigating to the place you stored the .csv file you just created from Thunderbird.

    in the next screen, select the folder you want to import to (I recommend one called 'Contacts' for obvious reasons), then hit the 'Next' button.

    In the next screen you get the choice of mapping any custom fields you may have created for particular contacts in Thunderbird. Asuming you have none, hit the 'Finish' button and the file will be converted and stored as your OUtlook contacts. Bear in mind this may take a few minutes if you have a ton of contacts.
    05-12-2016 03:36 PM
  3. The_Prodigy1982's Avatar
    Well, in my 'old' Thunderbird... my emails are stored as POP messages.
    In my 'new' Outlook I will go for IMAP though, but that does mean my email messages don't get transferred automatically.

    So how should I go there??
    05-12-2016 04:11 PM
  4. The_Prodigy1982's Avatar
    I found out the emails could easily be saved from Thunderbird onto my harddisk, and than later on imported to Outlook.

    - However, that doesn't go for the Addressbook... from within Outlook I can only import .pst OR .olm files.
    Now I'd like to know how to convert my Thunderbird Addressbook (.csv) to .pst OR .olm??

    In other words; is there any .cvs to .pst converter out there??
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    05-13-2016 10:28 AM

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