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    Ok so, I recently got a MacBook Air. This is my first OS X (or Apple, in general) device.
    I'm mostly loving it so far.
    However, I noticed one problem with my email accounts on the system Mail app.
    The moment I sign in, the app wants to load the entirety of my folders offline. That is basically thousands of message taking up space on my humble 128gb hard disk.

    The system Mail app on Windows (8.1/10) allowed me to sync email from upto 1/2 weeks or a month ago. The rest, it deleted from local storage, while still leaving them in my account folders.

    But if I use the Rules features in the OS X Mail app to delete emails from my folders once they are older than, say, 2 weeks, they also get deleted from my account folders.

    Can anyone help me save some local storage without losing all my email?

    Also, I'd like to work with the system app, or a free substitute. I understand there are some paid email clients out there, but I'm no hardcore email user. So I do not find it worth paying $10 to just occasionally check my email.

    10-06-2015 05:07 AM

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