1. lsugeaux's Avatar
    I purchased my first Mac this past weekend and I have been looking for a Google Hangouts app that supports group messaging, aside from having to have Google Plus open or Chrome installed. Thanks in advance for any help!
    03-12-2014 04:12 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I don't think there is a Google Hangouts desktop client app, but I could be wrong....
    03-12-2014 06:11 PM
  3. Septembersrain's Avatar

    It says you can run it from the desktop. It may be a stand alone application, I'm not sure though.

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    03-13-2014 11:53 AM
  4. ajonesma's Avatar
    It's just a Chrome extension, so you'll need to be using Chrome to really use it.
    03-13-2014 06:11 PM

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