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    There’s always something to invoke our reflection in our life, the wearable technology such as smart glasses, smart watches and
    bracelets, children safety and the death of Venezuelan beauty queen Monica Spear. There is something that never should have
    happened just happened around us, no matter great or bad. Actually, we should try our best to grasp every minute to enjoy the
    minute in our life and express our happiness or other feelings directly and wisely. We may ask the question to ourselves, how
    much we value our life.

    Some of us start to record their life with cameras, iPhone or other gadgets. o make family pictures or memorable videos. This
    has hugely improved the overall attributes of family members and promoted family democracy and harmony, between husband
    and wife and among all members. Last week, one of my friends just showed a made DVD on his family party which was burned
    with a DVD burner on his Mac. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mylife-dvd-creator-pro/id730818020?mt=12 I know
    exactly how much time he spend on this DVD and how much he care the effects. I participated and got moved. It can really help
    you say the things you have always wanted to say. I think that all of us should try and do something to make our life better and
    touch the real life in our own ways.
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    If you want to introduce a Mac app then go ahead and introduce it in the Mac Apps & Games section. Please don't try to hide the link and try to make the post out to be what it is not. Thank you.
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