1. James Falconer's Avatar
    So many task management apps out there these days. A couple of the heavy hitters seem to be Evernote and Wunderlist, at least when it comes to the Mac. Of course, there's cloud based solutions like Asana as well.

    I've used them all, and locally I use Evernote quite a lot... with Asana becoming a bigger player as time goes by (I do use it for some things).

    I tried out Wunderlist for a week or so, but at the time I found it was lacking some features I really needed.

    So what do you prefer? Is there a task management app that you can't live without? Or is there a different app I haven't mentioned that does everything you need?
    11-22-2013 08:51 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Evernote....Hands down....I have everything from my Apple / iTunes receipts, quotes, Bible verses, Wish list items, Business cards, Ambassador Stuff, various other receipts and a bunch of other stuff stored via Evernote. It handles them well for me.
    11-22-2013 09:02 AM
  3. anon(8221395)'s Avatar
    Clear is my absolute fave. I've been using it daily for at least a year. There is an iPhone, iPad, and Mac version and your task lists sync up through the ☁️⛅️☁️

    Check out the video: http://realmacsoftware.com/clear
    11-25-2013 04:15 AM
  4. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I use both Evernote (for note taking) and Wunderlist (to organize and put together to do lists for work). For me, the big thing is that both are available on every mobile platform I use, PC and Mac. And when all else fails, it's still accessible via browser.
    11-25-2013 09:07 PM
  5. taz323's Avatar
    Evernote so far has worked the best for me.
    11-26-2013 03:30 AM
  6. SprSynJn's Avatar
    Just started using Evernote again after a long absence. Very convenient I must say. Considering Pages no longer works between devices anymore.
    11-26-2013 06:49 AM
  7. Lucy F's Avatar
    I use both of them. Evernote is my favorite.
    12-03-2013 04:55 PM
  8. zerog46's Avatar
    Evernote, been using it since the beginning and on every device I own.
    12-03-2013 05:07 PM
  9. abazigal's Avatar
    I have never thought of Evernote as a task management tool. That said, now that you mention it, I do use it sometimes as a task planner. What I would do is to break down a complex task into multiple, smaller and more manageable steps, using the checkbox option. Sync over to my iPhone, and check each off as I complete it. It gives me a sense of satisfaction when I slowly complete each task, and makes my planning more structured overall.

    I tried clear (the app), but the music actually got irritating after a while, and I was not willing to pay for the desktop version (and keying in tasks into the phone is actually quite a pain).

    For now, I am trying the reminders app (I type my reminders in OSX, then review them with fantastical) mostly for all the little tasks I need to get done every day (e.g.: collect payments for worksheets from pupils, submit documents for printing, make X announcement etc), but still find myself going back to evernote as a dumping ground for all my notes. As a teacher, I easily have a dozen assorted matters awaiting my attention at any one time (ranging from administrative tasks to curriculum planning to preparation of excursions and school-related events), and it's great to be able to list them all down, capture my thoughts, collate information and review them all in one place at any time.

    Yeah, still finding the combination which best suits me, but I don't deny that task management as a concept has made me more organised overall.
    12-04-2013 10:38 PM
  10. luckie8's Avatar
    Evernote so far has worked the best for me.
    12-04-2013 11:15 PM
  11. applejosh's Avatar
    I'm still searching for a task solution that meets my needs. I really like Omnifocus. Its use of Perspectives and other filtering allows me to focus on what I should be instead of becoming overwhelmed with the number of overall tasks I have. Unfortunately, with it being a Mac/iOS only solution (without even a web interface to use), it is not a complete solution for me. Until my company decides I can get a Mac for work or Omnigroup develops a Windows or web solution, I can't really utilize it to the extent I would love to.

    I've never really considered Evernote a task management solution. Yes, it now has tasks, alarms, etc., but to me it's still mostly a repository of information I collect. It excels at that. I still find the task management part of it to be a little kludgy.

    Wunderlist would be good if my coworkers and I needed a more collaborative task management solution, but we don't operate that way. So, in practice it fared no better than the stock Reminders app for me (and Reminders actually worked better since it can bring in Tasks from our Exchange server).

    I've tried Todo (Appigo) coupled with Toodledo, Pocket Informant (with their online solution), Remember the Milk, and briefly Todoist and Nozbe. Omnifocus still works best for me in processing, etc., but the lack of cross platform all but kills it. But if you can operate in an Apple exclusive world, Omnifocus is what I consider the current benchmark for task management.
    12-08-2013 04:22 PM
  12. jmendel33's Avatar
    I agree, Evernote is like my duping ground for everything, and in this its very useful, a key part of my task managment, but for myself i use Fantastical 2 i like that i can manage my calendar and my native reminders from one app, it also addresses my only shortcoming with the reminders app being able to input clickable URLs, Fantastical 2 includes that feature

    Sent from my iPhone using iMore Forums mobile app
    07-28-2014 05:39 AM
  13. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I use Reminders for tasks.
    I use Evernote for web clippings Works great when clipping from my MBA..
    I've tried the Todo in Evernote but don't like the fact that it doesn't have a note field available for a task. Or does it? Well I can't find it.
    Good Luck
    07-28-2014 08:33 PM
  14. ajl's Avatar
    I also find myself using Evernote almost all the time. It's a great service.
    07-28-2014 10:34 PM
  15. Jstravinski's Avatar
    I prefer Wunderlist. it's convenient for synchronization with other users
    08-11-2014 12:40 PM
  16. TechnologyTwitt's Avatar

    iPad Air / Space Gray / 16GB
    T-Mobile * 5GB Data
    08-11-2014 04:55 PM
  17. jclisenby's Avatar
    I use Wunderlist. The syncing capability between all my devices and the well organized but simple design is perfect. I've tried most available apps and this one meets my needs best. I used Reminders.app in the past, but I found I needed more features than it offered.
    11-30-2014 05:45 PM
  18. TurboTiger's Avatar
    I recently discovered Things.
    This is a great app and syncs well between my iPhone & iPad.
    I picked them up last week when they were free at the App Store.
    Good Luck
    11-30-2014 07:43 PM
  19. Kajus's Avatar
    Evernote so far has worked the best for me.
    12-15-2014 04:53 AM
  20. ry4's Avatar
    This thread actually made me re-look at Evernote. I hated it when I tried it out a few years ago, but am now using it for notes...However I also use Wunderlist for lists/reminders.
    12-18-2014 07:00 AM
  21. devarty's Avatar
    I use Evernote for notes, Reminders app for short to long stuff and Clear on iPhone for daily reminders.
    01-18-2015 01:35 PM
  22. MarcJ_J's Avatar
    For managing tasks is best for me sDays.
    For taking notes Evernote.
    07-11-2015 02:47 PM
  23. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    The stock Notes app works great for me along with Reminders. It'll be even better in iOS 9. AnyList is nice for groceries.
    07-11-2015 03:00 PM
  24. Ariel Babalao's Avatar
    I use awesome note. It's really awesome.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    07-11-2015 06:46 PM
  25. pr1nce's Avatar
    The stock notes app and the stock reminders app work for me.
    07-11-2015 11:38 PM
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