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    Hey guys, I'm in a bad jam. I really need some help, let me explain.

    > A long time ago.
    > iOS 8.2 comes out.
    > Jailbreaks iPhone 5s with Pangu and gets a bunch of tweaks.
    > Fast forward to last week.
    > Gets the tweak [redacted] and updates [redacted]
    > Later tries to download app from the App Store. (This is where the issues begin.)
    > First, it takes forever for the App Store to ask me for my password. (It's a free app, but it still has to ask.)
    > Once I put it in, it takes about 20 minutes for the loader to go to the end-
    > But it stops at the end.
    > It doesn't transition to the 'Open' button.
    > In fact, there's no partially downloaded app on the home page.
    > So I go to safe mode and try to download it again.
    > Same results.
    > Try to remove [redacted], configuration for other tweaks are taking president in the running screen.
    > Manually remove those tweaks.
    > Remove [redacted] and [redacted]. (Note there's another glitch now so that after everything is installed and the data is reloaded it says 'Loading' forever instead of giving me the option to return to Cydia or respring. Might be attributed to the App Store problem.)
    > At this point nothing changes for the App Store problem.
    > Tired of it; decides to restore phone.
    > Gets cord.
    > Connects to MacBook Pro mid 2012.
    > iTunes reads the device (like the Photos app opens) but no new device tab attributed for my phone (where the restore option is) is there.
    > Shrugs it off.
    > Gets new cord.
    > Doesn't work.
    > Gets new laptop running Windows.
    > Gets iTunes.
    > Doesn't work.
    > Wipes Windows and any Apple Registry Edits.
    > Reinstalls iTunes after restarting.
    > Doesn't work.
    > Goes back to MacBook Pro.
    > Tries a different, non jailbroken phone.
    > Works.
    > ****, it only doesn't read my phone.

    And that's where I am now.
    I want to restore my device from my phone but I don't want to brick it.

    So help me guys! What do I do?

    My Skype is:
    02-03-2016 08:52 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    [WARN]We are now taking a ZERO TOLERANCE to piracy discussion. Discussions regarding the pirating of video games and/or App Store apps for use on jailbroken iPhones will not and can not be tolerated. Any posts containing links and/or discussion of any pirated material will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the iMore forums. [/WARN]
    02-03-2016 09:01 AM

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