1. MustangLife's Avatar
    Not sure why. I use activator for couria, flashlight, sbpoweralert, triple tap home for google now but I really want wifi, data, silent mode, etc toggles on my home screen. I'm up to date on all my cydia apps and the same dude wrote activator and flipswitch. I want switch icons which is my reason. Anybody have any info
    02-18-2014 04:21 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Add his repo. rpetri.ch repo

    An update will show up in changes and you should accept it. It works fine and won't cause any issues. For some reason, it only works with the version from his repo. Happened to me too and this fixed it.
    02-18-2014 04:55 PM
  3. MustangLife's Avatar
    Ok so I uninstalled activator and reinstalled activator the real one in beta and it also installed flipswitch with it. So I now have all the tweaks I listed in the original post.

    But in my cydia packages flipswitch isn't listed. So it seems he merged flipswitch into activator in the newest beta version. My concern now with switchicons is in the listing it says requires flipswitch. But if that package hasn't been updated since that it might cause issues on the phone. Have you used switchicons yet or know if it's working
    02-20-2014 12:05 AM

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