1. Navmacs's Avatar
    Just installed the latest update to HS Design. After respringing, ALL of my folders were gone. The stock Apple apps are all on my Homescreen, and then I have 14 screens of apps...in alphabetical order. Strange behavior! Going to remove HS Design and see if I get my folders back....
    01-22-2014 01:58 PM
  2. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    Very strange indeed. I hope you get your folders back.
    01-22-2014 02:01 PM
  3. Navmacs's Avatar
    Removing and respringing didn't help, so I bought Multiiconmover+ to at least ease the pain of rebuilding all the folders.
    01-22-2014 02:51 PM
  4. fb2's Avatar
    Also happened to me, it' really annoying.
    But the recent version is more stable and doesn't destroy the layout or folders
    01-23-2014 07:25 PM

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