1. bakerman1's Avatar
    Just bought a jailbroken iphone 5 on 6.0.1 Problem is, even though it was jailbroken, 5 icon and winterboard installed, no cydia was present. Thought I might be able to go to evasion and re-jailbreak it. It just sat there and now its stuck on the apple logo. So, I don't want to lose the jailbreak possibility. What do I do? I was thinking of downloading iOS 6.0.1 and then putting the phone in dfu mode and then doing an "option" restore and choosing the 6.0.1 ipsw, and then I can re-jailbreak? what do you think or is there a better way to do it?

    Thanks for any help

    07-08-2013 06:12 PM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    Option restore won't work. Are you sure Cydia isn't accessible from Spotlight? Do you have sbsettings installed? Maybe the icon is hidden using that.
    07-08-2013 07:30 PM
  3. Laelipoo's Avatar
    You cannot re-run evasi0n, nor can you downgrade to 6.0.1. Is iFile or mobile terminal installed?
    07-08-2013 07:30 PM
  4. bakerman1's Avatar
    sbsettings wasn't installed...searched for cydia in spotlight, no go tried to do a re-jailbreak from evasion and now its in a "dim" apple logo :/ have done the "hold home button and power button" reboot and it will restart but eventually goes to dim apple...
    07-08-2013 07:53 PM
  5. Laelipoo's Avatar
    You're in a bootloop. You will most likely have to restore and update to 6.1.4 . It sounds like the previous owner corrupted their jailbreak (probably by erasing all contents and settings before they sold it to you) and now you are paying the price.
    07-08-2013 10:23 PM
  6. bakerman1's Avatar
    Well I stuck with it and just left it alone plugged into the evasion jb tool and just continued to reset it and finally it came back to life and cydia was there. As far as I can tell it's all there and working fine and smooth. I going to put it on my line tomorrow morning and move all of my stuff onto it so we will see how it goes.

    07-09-2013 02:58 AM
  7. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Hopefully you got lucky. Crossing my fingers for you.
    07-09-2013 06:47 AM
  8. bakerman1's Avatar
    Got it switched to my line. That took some time especially because she wanted me to do a full erase/reset of the iPhone. I did ilex rat and it didn't activate the phone the first time but it did the second time. Got my phone all setup and it's running smooth as butter. Thanks for the direction.

    07-09-2013 05:30 PM
  9. Laelipoo's Avatar
    No problem.

    For future reference, SAM will handle deactivations for you without needing to delete anything.
    07-09-2013 06:14 PM

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