1. Mokeybullhorn8's Avatar
    So about when the ipod touch 4g first released, i purchased it. It was on fw 4.3.1 which it is currently in. The reason why its like this is because I had jail broken the ipod and a month later the home button broke. This was about a yr ago. Suddenly the ipod has turned into a piece of garbaje with the jb and ios 4. no app will work or download due to it saying update. I go to use internet and it kicks me out. It kicks me out of everything by force close/. Nothing works so I was like I'll update it to Ios 6.3.1 or whatever the latest one was. I downloaded the ipsw manually to my desktop and hit restore on itunes and got an error of 3194. So i googled it and after 2 days of like a hundred attempts i need some real help. From the google I learned to delete the apple files and some tutorials said add them. Well initially I had no hosts file with anything apple associated so i deleted them and it still would not work. I actually took the hosts file from another computer and copied them to my desktop and still wouldnt work. After this I tried to use greenpoision to make a custom dfu to get into dfu mode so i could actually restore from tiny umbrella. Well when i tri to make a custom ipsw, itunes gives the same error 3194. So i removed mobile something from cydia and removed cydia installer. A tutorial claimed that by doing this I basically removed the jailbreak. Well I went back to itunes and guess what ? same error !! how can i fix this. i tried on several computers and some thing. I'm on windows 7 and even tried on mac. any suggestions at all ??? I have updated itunes to most updated version as well. Right now ipod is useless without jailbreak because hom button is broken and with the jb i used activator.
    06-16-2013 07:55 PM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Your best bet is to get into DFU mode. The latest redsn0w can do this, but it requires a restore (which you seem to have trouble with). If you can. get the button fixed.
    06-16-2013 08:09 PM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    While you've already got the best help around (nod to Laelipoo), I've moved this to the jailbreak forum in case anyone else has any other thoughts.
    06-17-2013 09:19 AM

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