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    As of late the jailbreak community has been blessed with some really original and useful new tweaks that really make your iOS device shine. Once again the extremely talented jailbreak developers have pushed iOS to the limits hopefully Apple are taking notice and either employing these talented people or at the very least implementing these tweaks into future iOS updates.

    Velox by @FTO2g, @bensge & @satropuk (iPhone)

    Velox is the highly anticipated tweak that allows you to access notifications and info from within the app without actually opening the app. With a simple swipe up/down the app opens like a folder on your springboard to give you quick at a glance info. The dev has been painstakingly working on this tweak for quite a while and it is looking brilliant! Velox is available now on Cydia for $1.99.

    Abstergo by @joshmtucker & @nosdrew (universal)

    Abstergo makes your notifications actually useful. With Abstergo you can remove notifications from your lockscreen without unlocking the device and set reminders for your notifications. You can do this with any notification that comes in and even go into your iMessages app and select a message as a reminder. The notification with then pop up again to the time you set. Abstergo is available now on Cydia for $1.99.

    JellyLock by @max_katzmann (iPhone)

    JellyLock is a lockscreen launcher in the style of Android Jellybean. This tweak is chock full of settings so you can really personalize your lockscreen. You can add three of your most used apps along with the camera and unlock buttons. My favourite part of this is you can even make your own button and add it via iFile. This is still currently in beta on the devs repo and is Free. Repo source - (cydia.myrepospace.com/maxkatzmann/)

    Message Box by @b3ll (Universal)

    Facebook Chat Heads on your springboard the way it was intended on iOS. Facebook recently rolled out Chat Heads on Android along with their intrusive Home integration. Shortly after Chat Heads came to iOS but could only be accessed whilst inside the Facebook app. This tweak allows Chat Heads to appear anywhere on your springboard the way it was intended. The dev is constantly updating the tweak to iron out all of the bugs and its really working well now. Message Box is available on Cydia and is Free!

    TypeStatus by @hbangws (Universal)

    Influenced by Jeff Bengamin from @idownloadblog, TypeStatus adds notifications in your status bar when somebody has read and is replying to an iMessage you sent to them. This tweak works without having the iMessages app open and gives you read receipts notifications also. TypeStatus has not been officially released and is still in beta. You can get it by adding repo - (cydia.hbang.ws) in Cydia and its Free!

    Atom by @surenix & @tyler_nettleton (iPhone)

    Atom like JellyLock is a lockscreen launcher which is very slick looking. You can add six of your fave apps to the lockscreen for fast access along with a simple swipe up to unlock the phone. Atom doesn't have anywhere near as much customization as JellyLock but the devs say this will change with future updates. The animations on Atom are very impressive and it gives your lockscreen a wonderful new look. Atom is available now on Cydia for $1.99.

    Piano Passcode by @jontelang (iPhone)

    Last but not least is Piano Passcode. This nifty little tweak adds a piano passcode to your lockscreen. You can actually play the piano keys and save a tune as your passcode. My current passcode is in the tune of "oh when the saints go marching in". Not really a productive tweak but really fun to show off. It's available now in Cydia for 99 cents.

    Well these are just a few of my fave new jailbreak tweaks. Do yourself a favour and check them out. For such a small price they really add some depth to your iOS device and keep our awesome jailbreak dev community developing as most of them do it in their spare time.

    Boot Loop Tip

    Recently many people have fallen prey to the boot loop issue after installing a jailbreak tweak. The phone reboots, Apple logo shows up then goes dim and reboots. You can access your file system via SSH but cannot get into safe mode. I suffered this problem along with many others and it seems Cydia dev @saurik had received tons of emails on how to fix the problem. Luckily there is a fix where you need to remove two files on your device so your springboard can reload its file system.

    First you need to SSH into the file system and find these 2 files

    Once you find them don't delete them just in case
    change them to

    This basically renders them invisible, you can go and delete them later, always good to keep a backup

    Once you have changed the name reboot.
    Upon reboot you will notice all your stock apps are there and your installed cydia apps but NO appstore apps.

    Just sit back and chill as iOS will slowly rebuild your apps on the springboard. I have over 300 apps on mine so it took a couple of minutes.
    Once all your apps are showing go into Cydia and remove the offending tweak. Should work perfect.

    Then go back into iFile and removed the files you changed to .bak.

    You can also use this method if you have jailbroken your device and Siri stops opening apps.

    One more final mention....

    @coolstarorg is getting close to releasing a semi-restore for iOS users who have screwed up their device with an unstable tweak and can't solve the issue with Safe Mode. I suffered this problem recently with my iPad mini but was lucky in a way because I had to replace the device anyhow with Apple. From what I understand CoolStar will semi- restore your device without having to update your firmware meaning you won't lose your jailbreak. This is great news as SHSH blobs no longer allow you to downgrade back to a jailbreakable firmware. For more info head over to the website (semirestore.tk)
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    agreed. some of these new tweaks have taken it to a new and "useful" level

    i am starting to hear the beat of my inner jailbreakers drum. alas, there is nothing i can do about it
    05-04-2013 11:18 AM
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    I haven't been on here as much lately. Did you lose your jailbreak?

    I've come close a few times but was able to fix things thankfully. I'm so sick of hearing about iOS 7 being possibly flatter. Ffs for ages everybody has been crying for a fresh look and now it may be coming the sky is falling. Personally I could give a crap what it looks like. I wish they would add some things like velox, abstergo, jellylock and a total email overhaul before a lick of paint.

    iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 2
    Team Jailbreak 6.1.2
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    05-04-2013 11:35 AM
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    Just when I was devastated and ready for a painful restore you just came in and saved my day (and my dear 4S!) with that last tip. I can't thank you enough and wish you all the best.
    06-22-2013 02:40 PM
  5. ridiculocity's Avatar
    Glad your 4s survived and remains jailbroken
    06-23-2013 05:55 AM

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