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    After seeing a couple of really cool themes online--RisingBars and Pebbly--it occurred to me that they would look pretty nice together. So I made a new theme that combines the two.

    Here is RisingBars:
    PebblyBars: Two Great Themes in One!-hhmp0az.png

    And here is Pebbly:
    PebblyBars: Two Great Themes in One!-pebbly.png

    And finally, here is PebblyBars:
    PebblyBars: Two Great Themes in One!-urcue7w.jpg

    If you'd like, this variation--PebblyBarsLowWeather--gives you a little more breathing room for notifications:
    PebblyBars: Two Great Themes in One!-twokuzv.jpg

    A few installation notes:
    -To make the secondary notification stack transparent, you must install NoLockNotificationsBG in Cydia.
    -To remove the lock clock, use Lockscreen Clock Hide. Using Springtomize2's "Hide Top Bar" will not move the notifications correctly.
    -There is no solution for the tinted bar below the last notification in the PebblyBars screenshot.
    -The wallpaper in the screenshot is a default iOS wallpaper included on your iPhone. However, RisingBars uses its own set of 5 wallpapers that will rotate over the course of the day. If you'd like to change them, refer to the the original post about the theme or the Cydia page for the original theme. Add the developer's repo to Cydia to find it:

    Hope someone gets some use from these. Enjoy!
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    03-28-2013 10:29 AM
  2. rdiddy_25's Avatar
    As always, lovely work!!
    03-28-2013 07:30 PM

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