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    My beloved baby brother passed away a few weeks ago. He was a smart tech head, I am not. He left me a beautiful collections of mac ware, including a lovely IPad 2 which is jailbroken and currently stuck into recovery mode and being jailbroken I cannot restore. I have had a very tentative go at restoring by searching instructions on the net (going through the terminal and looking at amending the host lines).....so far ....no good. I also have absolutely no idea of what version of IOS he was, knowing him, at a guess I would think it would have been the latest version possible to use on a jailbroken device....David died the first week of December if that could mean anything to anyone out there ...there are masses of threads available on the net but I do not know where to start and I do not always understand the instructions either.....but I do no mind having a go and learning....a few suggestions and pointers would be very very very welcome. My brother once told me that that the hard drive of his mac probably contained his soul, since it had his music, pictures, movie and heart all on there.....I do not want another part of him to die yet again....I hope there is hope and that I can crack this. :-)

    03-27-2013 03:02 PM
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    First of all, I'm sorry for your loss and no amount of words can fill the void, but we here at iMore will indeed try to assist you with getting your i-devices operating for you and with that I say welcome to iMore.......Below are three links that I hope will help you. The first is a video showing you how to get your iPad operating and restored with the latest iOS version. You will lose your jailbreak, by the way. The second contains tips & tricks to operate your device & the third link contains a new users guide. Let us know if these were helpful. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day...

    Tip: How to put your iPhone or iPad into DFU mode | iMore.com

    iPhone and iPad tips and how-to | iMore.com

    iPhone and iPad new user guide | iMore.com
    03-27-2013 03:19 PM
  3. Sosoftsofia's Avatar
    Brilliant, thank you so much, I am going to go to work, swot a bit and let you know how I get on. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Thank you ....and fingers crossed.....
    04-02-2013 03:46 AM
  4. Sosoftsofia's Avatar
    Hello again, a big thank you and some great news....there is life in in the IPAD and it has now been restored to where it was (pretty much) with no visible loss of data. The how to put your Ipad in DFU mode combined with Apple instructions on restore error (Ipad inelligible for restore) did it for me (iOS: Restore error 3194 or 'This device isn't eligible for the requested build' needed both set of instructions to get it going.....I am absolutely delighted and I do believe that my brother would have proud of his not exactly technically inclined but nonetheless persistent big sis. From him and me....Thank you and I hope it helps someone else out there too.
    04-10-2013 03:34 PM

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