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    I recently jailbroke my iPad 3 and soon came to the conclusion that I was perfectly fine with the way it was. While my iPad was jailbroken, I made a backup with iTunes, then restored to the factory settings, planning on syncing it with my computer afterwards to bring my apps, photos, etc back on. After restoring, I found out that my photos were not saved to my computer. (Thank goodness I made a backup before restoring.) I then restored from the backup I just made, which brought back everything I needed it to. Cydia is, of course, not on the device any longer. My question is: If I restored from a backup that was created while the device was jailbroken, is ALL of the data from the jailbreak gone? I should also mention that whilst restoring, iTunes updated my iPad to the latest software, 6.1.3. (Previously on 6.1)

    03-24-2013 08:44 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    Restoring as you did should be fine... there might be some stray bits of jailbreak data left but nothing that you're going to notice.
    03-24-2013 08:52 PM
  3. WillThGreat's Avatar
    Stray bits that could be removed if I did a full restore?
    03-24-2013 08:56 PM
  4. kch50428's Avatar
    Any stray bits would be eradicated by a restore and set-up from scratch without restoring a back-up.... but if everything is working fine, there's no real need.
    03-24-2013 09:09 PM

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