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    Ok, so yesterday i downloaded the ppsspp emulator. I already have several .iso files on my computer, so naturally i use diskaid and put them on /var/mobile/media/roms. I got sound with one, and nothing from the other, soi follow the file path in iFile on my phone and delete the ROMs. Before i copied the ROMs over i had 1 gig of space taken up by "Other" in itunes. i now have 5 gigs of space taken up by "Other". Now my question is this: Why, after deleting the roms from the directory, do i still have so much space taken up in other, and how do i get rid of it? Believe me when i say i googled this issue, and read countless how-tos on "reclaiming other". None of them have worked for me... anyone have an answer?
    03-20-2013 01:21 PM

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