1. mgregg99's Avatar
    I recently purchased my iPhone 5 and the first thing I wanted to do was theme it. I've held onto my "4" for a long time because I enjoyed having the ability to make it unique. Among a few things that I've discovered being different is being able to change the size of the font being displayed for docked and undocked icons. Previously I would edit the Info.plst file, but those changes no longer make any difference. Can anyone else provide a tip on how to reduce the font size? I have 5 icons across and the longer names all bleed into each other.


    MikeIcon Font Size-theme001.png
    02-13-2013 04:39 PM
  2. NickA's Avatar
    Just bumping this thread in case it got overlook. I'd like just the opposite; to make the icon font size larger.
    04-16-2013 10:15 AM

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