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    I saw an App a while back when I had jailbroken my iPhone 4S that had multiple Pages on the home screen.
    You could swipe up down left and right. I had like a grid of 4X3 pages. If you were on Page 3 on the top row, you could swipe down to page 3 on the second row, as example.
    I remember seeing it in a YouTube video, but cant seem to find it now. Any clue what it was called? Hopefully it's compatible for the 6.1.

    UPDATE: Still no luck on the search.

    I like statistics, so I am looking for a good battery tracking app, too.
    One that hopefully can track the usage from apps, hardware, as well as Cydia tweaks and mods.

    UPDATE: 360 Battery Saver Pro is possibly the best power management application available. It does not track tweaks that are not considered Applications. So there is no real way to track the power used by Tweaks. I do plan on contacting the development team to find out if this can be possible in future versions.
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