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    any experience devs out there mind taking a look at my dpkgl.log file to tell me what might be causing a boot loop?

    long story short: last week my phone decided to put itself into the boot loop and only runs in substrate safe mode after installing a few tweaks and updating older ones (i cant figure out the exact cause but its definitely not the new apps i installed and idr what apps were updated). i went through the long and annoying process of downloading several firmwares, accidentally re-restoring to 5.1 and having to re-restore to 5.1.1, and restore cydia tweaks with xbackup just to go back into the same cycle which is why i realized it definitely is a tweak i have installed.

    phone stats:
    fixed boot rom
    6.15 ipad baseband

    if you need any other info about the phone (although i doubt you should) just lmk.

    edit: for some reason .log extensions arent supported and i dont feel like going through the whole unnecessary process of uploading them to a file sharing site lol. if i could email them to whoever is willing to help it would go by a lot quicker.
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    come on 3 days 318 views and no one wants to help?
    11-23-2012 07:13 PM

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