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    I've been tethering with MyWi for a long time to my Sony laptop from my iPhone 4. I've downloaded Gigs of data with my unlimited AT&T plan. Just last night I tethered to my iPad to download an app for the first time ever. I noticed a figure eight like symbol at the top of the iPad and wondered why there wasn't a wifi symbol. I didn't think to much about it till tonight. I got an email from at&T that said I had been thethering and if I don't stop they will put me on a plan or if I want to tether to choose a plan.*
    So my question is, did AT&T detected my tethering because I connected to the iPad for the first time?*Were they not able to detect my tethering on the laptop?

    P.S. I guess this is the end of my thethering days.
    Thanks for looking
    09-17-2012 09:40 PM
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    I figured it out
    09-17-2012 11:00 PM
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    I figured it out
    Enlighten us?
    09-18-2012 12:50 AM