1. whizzer63's Avatar
    so is the above free to send texts,i had no credits left show on mine before,not sure how this works,total newbie to jailbreak and i phone
    09-08-2012 02:20 PM
  2. Laelipoo's Avatar
    Bitesms is just a replacement for the stock messaging app. So it uses whatever texting plan you already have, unless you buy credits from them (useful for international texts or if you don't have a texting plan).

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    09-08-2012 02:28 PM
  3. whizzer63's Avatar
    thanks ,is there any,doubtfull i presume
    09-08-2012 03:01 PM
  4. 3cit's Avatar
    iMessage is free texting to other idevices...
    What's app is free to text others with what's app...

    If you are jailbroken you can get the gvsms extension and set that up, free texting, but it uses data.

    You using that as a phone or an iPod? I. E. do you have cell service?
    09-08-2012 03:08 PM
  5. whizzer63's Avatar
    its jailbroken,text mostly to wifes balckberry,i havenet upgraded to unlimited text(which i may have to) i have a gb of data download but unlimited roaming with t mobile
    09-08-2012 03:18 PM
  6. 3cit's Avatar
    I don't know anything about what blackberrys can do... I don't know if it has apps...
    09-08-2012 11:30 PM