1. Larry-Cleveland's Avatar
    OK Guys, please be kind this is my first post : )

    I bought an iphone off ebay. It is an 8gig, GS, ver 5.1.1, baseband 05.16.05, made in 2000 34th week (034), that was used on AT&T and the sim card is still in it.

    It is in good condition, but the battery was dead. I plugged it into my itouch dock on my XP-PC. It charged for a bit and then itunes loaded, I did a synk. Maybe not a good thing??

    I am looking how to untether, and unlock the phone so that it can be used with T-Mobile. I do have the new sim card for it.

    I have been reading here and all over the web on how to do this. I have not found a way that all my numbers and year fit. I am new to iphones but not computers.

    Please give me some direction!

    08-29-2012 03:44 PM