1. mehlev's Avatar
    Hi, please help, this is very urgent. I jailbroke my IPhone 5.1.1 two days ago and have received notifications from Verizon saying my data plan has used up 75% of my total data allowance in 1 day!!

    I have been off from work and on Wifi (my home) all day long. If it continues I'll be paying fees through the roof. I've turned my phone completely off for now, can anyone help me please? Right now I'm so upset that I jailbroke my phone at all. Thanks for your help!!
    08-25-2012 03:32 AM
  2. NetworkLabs's Avatar
    Have you installed any Cydia Tweaks yet? If possible, can you list them so I "may" be able to help you.
    08-25-2012 04:14 PM
  3. 3cit's Avatar
    me thinks you have a tiny data plan, maybe like 1gb... also me thinks that maybe you turned off your wifi.
    me also thinks that jailbreaking doesnt suddenly cause you to start using data.

    me also thinks that just to be sure you should turn your phone back on, and go to settings and then to general and then to data, ans TURN OFF YOUR CELLULAR DATA. then you can at least keep your phone on and make calls an messages while you figure this problem out
    08-26-2012 03:18 AM