1. jaguar11's Avatar
    I want to restore my Jailbroken iPhone 4S on 5.0.1 but using the "erase all content and settings" gets me to the boot loop, I'm guessing bc I'm jailbroken. And using the restore button in itunes will update my to 5.1.1, which I don't want to do. Is there any other solution that I can restore my iPhone, or just wipe all of data off it? Is there any way to get past the boot loop? I would appreciate if anyone could help me out. Thanks in advance.
    08-11-2012 10:55 AM
  2. Massie's Avatar
    I think you're kind of stucka full Restore by definition will update you to 5.1.1 (though I'm not sure why you want to avoid that?) and as you discovered using Erase All won't work.

    Are you trying to restore to stock so you can sell it, or just for your own use? And why don't you want 5.1.1?
    08-11-2012 12:46 PM
  3. jaguar11's Avatar
    Yeah I am currently downloading 5.1.1 as we speak, the only reason I was hesitant was that I wasn't sure if they have a JB for 5.1.1 on the 4S, which I found out they do. Thanks for the help anyway.
    08-11-2012 12:49 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    Sure. Btw I'm jailbroken on 5.1.1 with AbsintheI had always used redsn0w before this but Absinthe is fast and stable.
    08-11-2012 01:23 PM