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    I just recently got a iPhone 4s (sprint) it was already jail broken/unlocked for T-Mobile and is running iOS 5.1.1 The phone was unlocked using a Grevey Sim even though the phone has a bad ESN. The trouble I'm having with the phone is that it always makes me reactivate it (go through the process of taking the sim out, doing the emergency call dialing 112, holding down power button etc) I have to do this several times until it finds signal and when it does, the texting on the phone will work for a bit (about a day, maybe less) then it'll just stop. the main issue with the phone, the texting stops working and I have to keep reactivating it for it to work. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what I can do to fix, thank you!
    08-10-2012 08:47 AM