1. VincentNguyen's Avatar
    Good morning,

    My ipad 1 recently had a major screen issue, with the following symptoms:

    - Odd color balance (ie yellow), then back to normal for a few days
    - Then the screen would not turn on (backlight was on however), the only visible screens would be the 'shutdown' screen, and the apple logo when powering on. The unlock screen would not appear. Touchscreen is still functional (since I could turn it off)
    - However even those two visible screens displayed artifacts in the form of random flickering short white lines
    - And after a while, no display at all anymore

    I can repair the ipad myself, but the million dollar question is... which part:
    - The main board
    - The LCD screen
    - or the ribbon cable between the main board and the screen

    Any feedback ?


    07-04-2012 04:12 AM
  2. ColoradoiPhone's Avatar
    The first thing I would do is check the LCD and the connections. Make sure you back up your device! Look over it with magnifying glass, and anything that looks out of place or burnt ect may need to be repaired. It does sound like you have a LCD problem though. Impact damage or water damage can cause pieces on the board to go bad. The screen on the ipad one is really difficult to get off without a lot of patients. I would order a screen or digitizer as well as a LCD, or you can send it to us (ColoradoiPhone). Without further knowledge on anything that may have happened before the device failed I can't tell you what to do with 100% confidence, but it does sound like an LCD problem. Any further questions just send me a pm!
    09-12-2012 01:30 PM