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  1. rnbarg's Avatar
    I have JB both my iphone 4S and and new IPad (iPad 3) using Absinthe 2.0.4 Windows. Note: this only occurs on the iPad 3. The 4s works fine.

    Immediately upon installation, even before Cydia installs the file system, the Music app begins malfunctioning, especially with Itunes Match official Apple-generated Genius playlists on the iPad 3. To be clear, these are the playlists that ITunes Match supplies and in fact requires users to have on their IOS devices. Aberrant behavior continues after main Cydia apps installed.

    On the iPad 3, when clicking on certain playlists, nothing happens - ie. the Music does not play. Other times, the playlist abruptly stops after playing a few songs. The forward button does not advanced the music. In other instances, the music appears to be playing via the slider bar, but no music plays. This occurs natively or on speakers using AirPlay. Music also sometimes stops when not using the playlists. This is a putative major bug.

    This problem does not occur on the iphone 4s. Both the iphone and the iPad are running identical versions of IOS and ITunes. The Music app settings are also the same.

    I originally experienced this problem on the iPad3 after installing a number of Cydia apps. To exclude a problem app as the issue, I performed a factory refresh of the iPad and initiated a 2nd JB w/out installing any apps in Cydia or configuring it in any way. iTunes Match is broken again as described above.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or solutions.

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    06-19-2012 12:37 PM
  2. wamadden4's Avatar
    My iPhone 4 and new iPad are both jailbroken and I don't have a single problem with iTunes match. Works perfectly for me.
    06-20-2012 10:14 AM

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