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    Let me preface this whole thing by saying that I realize jailbreaking is legal... and it's your device to do with as you wish. This isn't a "flame" post, an attempt to judge or proselytize, but I am truly curious. I was jailbroken for a period of time with iOS 4.xx, but got tired of all the little "gotchas" that seemed, at least to me, to water down all of the benefits of jailbreak.

    So now that I have that out of the way, I want to know: Is it worth it?

    I see thread after thread of people having issues with basic device functionality after doing the JB. I see plenty of threads about how "this" JB tweak causes other issues or "that" JB app doesn't work or battery issues, etc.

    I'd really like to hear your comments on this... as I said, back about a 12-18 months I JB my iPhone 4... but after a few months of playing with it, I came to the conclusion that JB was not the answer for me. And frankly, my device is incredibly stable and while I miss a few of the tweaks, I am a very happy, satisfied member of Team Pure.
    06-09-2012 02:29 PM
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    You answered yourself!
    For me, and my buddy scarlet, jailbreaking is a NECESSITY.
    For you and possible buddy Tim Hewitt, no, jailbreaking isn't worth it.
    06-09-2012 03:10 PM
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    It's a value judgement that is an individual thing. No one can make up someone else's mind for them. There have not been enough annoyances for me to be fed up enough to go stock... will iOS6 be enough? We'll see...
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    06-09-2012 03:24 PM
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    over time i have been losing interest in jailbreaking until a really cool tweak comes out. even then i have found myself only jailbreaking for minimal tweaks, to the point of wondering if i really need to anymore

    if i had to choose ONE reason that i currently jailbreak it would be for Pandora Downloader. funny thing is i have been giving the 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' for over 3 years now and i find myself not skipping songs very often due to the familiarity system Pandora has

    i have been doing this long enough now i can tell the difference in performance after i have added a few jailbroken apps/tweaks. most jailbreakers look at it as "part of it" and they're fine with a little bit of instability for their "freedom".

    i'm not so sure i want to deal with the little bit of instability anymore. jailbreaking is a hobby for me, always has been

    plus if i start using the iOS 6 Betas that'll keep me occupied for a few months
    06-09-2012 08:45 PM
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    Personal preference really. I unlocked my old nexus s 4g as soon as android 4.0 came out as I wanted the functionality. As soon as the JB for 5.1.1 came out I knew I had to go through with it as I missed being able to tweak and theme my iPhone from its stock setup (which to me is just friggin bland). Apple knows what they can allow with their iOS. Just a shame IMO that in order to get some of the features that could/should be stock that I have to JB.

    In the end, it's all personal preference.

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    06-09-2012 08:57 PM
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    Never saw jailbreaking as a hassle. Jailbroken works just as stable as stock.

    Is it worth it...Of course it is...However, to each their own.
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    06-10-2012 07:50 AM
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    Well worth it for me, can't live without it and I wouldn't of bought a new iPad without knowing a jailbreak for it was just round the corner.

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    06-10-2012 08:12 AM
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    You answered yourself!
    For me, and my buddy scarlet, jailbreaking is a NECESSITY.
    For you and possible buddy Tim Hewitt, no, jailbreaking isn't worth it.
    I wish I could go stock. For me, tweaking is a total hobby. I've done it since my very first iPhone (3gs). I will only accept a certain level of unstability. Currently I do have lots of teeaks, but I do go through periodically and reevaluate how I am using my phone. I also do the same with stock apps.
    I think it really just depends on what your motives are. I am a geek at heart so really enjoy tweaking and playing with my phone.
    Worth it ... A resounding YES from me! .


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    06-10-2012 09:09 AM
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    Absolutely worth every minute. I enjoy tweaking and playing with it the same way I do with computers. I could never do cookie cutter... not to mention all the things I have my phone and pad do that it otherwise wouldn't.
    06-10-2012 08:50 PM
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    Never saw jailbreaking as a hassle. Jailbroken works just as stable as stock.
    Perhaps in your role, however not in mine.

    We support just about 30,000 iOS devices in enterprise environments. Jail broken devices are 10x more likely to have problems than non jail broken devices according to our support database.

    Virtually all of these problems are directly related to incompatible tweaks or extensions - something that simply does not happen on a stock device.

    If you want to play with your device and customize it, go ahead and jail break. You are probably the same type that would assemble your own computer from parts in the 1990s so your system could be tweaked just the way you wanted. There is nothing bad about that. You support yourself anyway so it's all good.

    If you just want to use your iPad and you rely on others for support, think long no hard about that tweak you have to have before going that route.

    If you want to jail break to steal apps, go rot in ****
    06-11-2012 01:33 AM
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    Jailbreaking for me is a necessity, it lets me free my phone, i can do almost anything like edit system files, delete launch daemons, etc etc . When i jailbreaked, i dont do eyecandy as they ruin my battery life, i optimize my iphone , after optimizing i got 360 megs of free ram, snappier ui ang longer battery life

    Also jailbreaking is far more easier than rooting an android phone. I have tried both.

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    06-11-2012 06:16 AM